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Artists In Volume 1:

wnsec - Intro
Stolen Babies - Push Button
Doctor Steel - Childhood Don’t A-Go-Go
Yucko The Clown - Don’t Drink and Drive
PES - Game Over Stop Motion
Diablo Swing Orchestra  - Pink elephants on parade
Rhett and Link - Clown Shark
Mr Bungle - Quote Unquote
Teddy Autopsy Short
Vicious Hairy Mary - Spyro
The Left Rights - I’m On Crack
Polkadot Cadaver - Pure Bedlam for Half-breeds
Movie Trailer - History of Future Folk
Renaldo and the Loaf - Songs For Swinging Larvae
Clownsec - Ku Klux Klown Skit
Movie Trailer - Frank
The Tiger Lillies - Bully Boy
Negativland - DisPepsi
Primus - Mr Krinkle
The Fuxedos - Mimsy
Phone Losers of America - I Phreak Alone
Thundercat and Eric Andre - TurboTron
Movie Trailer - God Bless America
Clownsec - Worst Nightmare Trailer
Dog Fashion Disco - Silent Film
Forbidden Zone - Alphabet Song
Negativland - Gimme The Mermaid
PES - The Deep Stop Motion
The Residents - Harry The Head (Freak Show Clip)
Little Big - Everyday I’m Drinking
Puddles Pity Party - Royals
Clownsec - Clown Apocalypse
The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime In Clerkenwell
Buckethead - Spokes for the Wheel of Torment
Cyriak - Because
Magic Jack - I Am Magick Jack
Circus of Dead Squirrels - Laboratory Lust
Kermheat - Plancks Toaster
Cyriak - Cycles